Egyptian Law Consultants

Civil Law

 We are experts in drafting and preparing contracts of all types and reviewing them in to guarantee the rights of the parties

Investment Law

 We provide you with the necessary advice to benefit from making investments in Egypt in accordance with the investment laws

Commercial law

We can provide assistance in all matters related to business and commercial papers (billiards, checks, bonds)

Companies Law

 We establish all types of companies (individuals – funds – the company of one person) and provide the necessary consultations to maintain their rights

Tax laws

We defend you before the courts for tax cases of any kind (public revenue – free professions – income – value added – stamp … etc)

Bankruptcy Law

We have the experience that qualifies us to liquidate companies and submit requests for restructuring to the economic court

Labor Law

We are experts in the settlement of labor disputes, whether individual or collective



Rent Law

We can help you maintain your lease unit in Egypt and extend your tenancy contract – if you are the first heir to the original tenant – or help you negotiate with the landlord to give it up

Real Estate law

We record all units with real estate month and extract all the editors from it


Laws of inheritance and the commandment

We are experts in the laws of inheritance and the liquidation of the inheritance and recovery from Nasser Social Bank and the liberation of the will and implementation for the Christians and Muslims


Personal Status Laws

We can defend you or claim your rights for alimony, custody, small confinement and marital disputes


 The law of pleadings

 We raise all types of cases or defense and challenge their judgments, either before the courts of appeal or veto


Law of the Council of State

We proceed all cases before the Administrative Court and the Council of State against administrative bodies of all kinds. And appeal to the Supreme Administrative Court


Penal Code

We defend you in cases of misdemeanors and offenses only


Building and Housing Laws

We defend you in all violations related to the Building and Housing Law

Sport Law

We can help you establish private sports clubs. We were the first to do this in 2002 in Egypt. We were partners in the program that was carried out to prepare the current law for sport in Egypt

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